The Workflow: the work procedure to the preparation of the Perfect Espresso

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7 January 2020
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The Workflow: the work procedure to the preparation of the Perfect Espresso

To achieve an excellent espresso is a form of art. And as every form of art has its rules and its techniques to be respected with precision and extreme care of the details.

The preparation of the espresso has to be faced in a simple and ordered way, a step after the other.
The workflow, that is the procedure of work, provides for 6 phases:

  • Cleanliness
  • Dosage
  • Distribution
  • Levelling
  • Tamping
  • Extraction

The Perfect Espresso needs a perfect Cleanliness
The Cleanliness of the tools and of the work surface is fundamental and it is taken into consideration during all the passages (clean as you go).
From the cleanliness of the filter with the brush or with the microfiber cloth, to the flushing of the shower water (purge), the whole thing needs to avoid the flavour contamination of the just grinded coffee with the exhausted coffee, just used.
Our grandmothers taught us the coffee absorbed the smells, cause they put it in the fridge when there were strong smells of fish or cheese that could contaminate other food.

After the cleanliness of the filter we find the phase of dosage, levelling and tamping of the coffee , to avoid that during the extraction the water finds preferential ways and the coffee will result extracted not in an uniform way (channeling).

Pressing of the coffee (tamping)
The position of the tamping so as the tamper are fundamental for an ergonomics working of the bartender. I talked about it in an article published some time ago.

Extraction of the coffee
The last part of the procedure considers, in the following order: hook the filter holder, press the button to begin the extraction, take and place the cup in a correct way; the cups are already in ordered over the machine to avoid useless waste of time or avoid cups with different temperatures the optimal range is 35°-45° C.).

In order to deepen the subject, have a look at my tutorial video dedicated to the workflow.

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