The Coffee Chain is One of the Most Important in the World and in Italy

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The Coffee Chain is One of the Most Important in the World and in Italy

filiera del caffè e consumo di caffè espresso nel mondo. cartina mondo caffè

October is the month of coffee. Every year on 1 October, International Coffee Day is celebrated.

Around the world, around 3 billion cups of coffee are drunk every day.

Revenues in the Coffee segment are around 300 billion Euro and, considering the five-year period 2020-2025, an aggregate market growth of more than 10% per year is expected.

Coffee is therefore one of the fundamental supply chains in the world, and certainly in Italy.

According to data reported by the Italian Espresso Institute, the Espresso Coffee Chain in Italy is worth about 5 billion Euros with almost 10 thousand people working in this market.

In the roasting sector there are 7,000 workers employed, out of a total of more than 800 Italian roasting plants.

The professional equipment market alone is worth 500 million Euros.

On the occasion of the Coffee Day, the campaign to support the candidature of Italian Espresso Coffee as a UNESCO Intangible Heritage of Humanity started on October 1st.

Among the most enthusiastic promoters of this initiative, the “Consorzio di Tutela Del Caffè Espresso Italiano Tradizionale” (Consortium for the Protection of Italian Traditional Espresso Coffee), founder of the “Comunità del Rito del Caffè Espresso” (Community of the Espresso Ritual), certainly deserves a special mention.

You can give your contribution by participating to the collection of signatures to support the Ritual of Espresso Coffee as UNESCO heritage.

How much coffee is consumed in Europe

Consumer Market Outlook suggests the following estimates:

  • The Netherlands
    annual coffee consumption per capita: 8.3 kilograms

Followed by:

  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • and Norway
  • Italy
    annual per capita coffee consumption 4.7 kilos per year

In any case, despite not being among the very first European places for annual per capita consumption, Italy continues to be one of the countries in the World where Espresso Coffee is by far the most appreciated drink (after water!) by the population, with a daily consumption constantly growing.

Already in 2018, Nomisma, a Bologna-based Strategic and Business Consulting Company summarized with this infographic the constant and growing daily consumption of Espresso Coffee by Italians:


caffè espresso in italia


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