The 8 Steps for Making Coffee with Moka correctly

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The 8 Steps for Making Coffee with Moka correctly

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Espresso. Sure, espresso is great, but once my grandmother used ”to make Moka”. I wonder if I remember how to make coffee with moka?!

When we’re at home we can’t always extract an espresso. So we can resort to that object hidden in some corner of the pantry, an object that is becoming fashionable again: the Moka.

Just a small clarification: the drink drawn from coffee takes the name of the extraction system that has been used. Therefore, for example:

  • if I use the Moka, I will drink a Moka;
  • if I use a “cuccuma”, I will drink a “cuccuma”;
  • if I use an espresso machine, I will drink an espresso;

… and so on.

How to use the Moka properly?

Let’s get straight into the matter, without further delay. In order to make coffee with the Moka correctly, you must always keep 8 fundamental steps in mind:

  • STEP 1 – Take the base of the Moka boller, put it on the scale and pour water up to half of the valve.
  • STEP 2 – Check the weight and calculate how much coffee to use considering that for every 100 grams of water you will have to put
    – 10 grams of coffee to obtain a light aroma
    – 11/12 grams of coffee to obtain a balanced aroma
    – 13/14 grams of coffee to obtain a strong aroma

    Example: 200 grams of water + 26 grams of coffee = intense aroma, high body.
  • STEP 3 – Put the coffee in the filter shaking it a little bit to distribute it throughout the filter. I recommend to NOT PRESS AND NOT DO MOUNDS because you would get the effect of adding a bitter taste and feeling of astringency.
  • STEP 4 – Recompose the Moka, close it and put it on enough high heat (preferably with the lid open).
  • STEP 5 – When the first drops come out, lower the flame.
  • STEP 6 – When the liquid has reached the middle of the upper part, turn off the fire and let the process finish.
  • STEP 7 – Mix well before pouring. (pour it directly into the cup if you want a very hot coffee, otherwise pour it first in another container if you want to lower the service temperature a little bit).
  • STEP 8 – Before drinking it, bring the cup close to your nose to breathe deeply the aroma. This will activate your sensory system in order to fully enjoy your excellent Moka! (If you are interested in having some tips to learn how to taste coffee properly, i have talked about it in this article)

2 Precious Tips for Making Coffee with Moka

Use Coffee Beans
The first piece of advice I give you is to use the coffee beans and grind them.
In the absence of a grinder, you can opt for the Romcaffè “Classico Moka” or the Romcaffè “Aroma Espresso” (both from the Romcaffè House Line) if you want to increase the strength and intensity of your coffee for equal quantity.

Pay attention to your health
My second piece of advice is the one I care most about: pay attention to Your Health.
When you buy the Moka, remember that the material it is made of is very important:

  • If you choose a Steel Moka, avoid low-cost Moka and move towards 18/10 stainless steel ones which do not release metal components and are easy to clean.
  • If you choose an Aluminium Moka, also here, pay attention to the price and consider that during the extraction some aluminium is released into the Moka, even if in quantities below the danger threshold
  • Cleaning is always essential. Clean the Moka well without abrasive sponges, possibly using special detergents and avoiding leaving the aluminium Moka wet.

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