Romy Capsules Bar Deka 50 pz

Romy Capsules Bar 50 pz
24 September 2020
Orzy Capsules Bar 50 pz
25 September 2020

Romy Capsules Bar Deka 50pz

Box of 50 coffee capsules. Compatible with Lavazza®* Espresso Point®*

50 Capsules

Organoleptic characteristics

Mellow taste



The delicious taste of espresso without caffeine. Lighter roasting suitable for decaffeinated coffee. Caffeine not more than 0,10%



OCS and domestic use



Item code: 8061
Packaging type: decaffeinateed ground coffee, 50 capsules packaging
EAN CODE: 8002350080611
PCS: 1
Typology: carton
Net Weight (Kg): 0.35
Gross Weight (Kg): 0.805
Dimensions (Cm): 29 x 14 h. 13
N° packaging units x n. layers: 24 x 12
N° tot packaging units: 288
Pallet weight (Kg): 12
Pallet dimension (Cm): 120 x 80

Traceability: lot number and expiry date on packaging

Preservation: best before 23 months from production date

Packaging: ALU+PET+PE to deal as indifferentiated waste

Carton: to deal as paper recycle

*Third party brand with no connection to Elio Romagnoli Romcaffè Srl