RomGyn Capsules Bar Ginseng 50 pz

Orzy Capsules Bar 50 pz
25 September 2020
Espresso Compatible Capsules
7 July 2021

RomGyn Capsule Bar Ginseng 50pz

Box of 50 soluble ginseng capsules. Compatible with Lavazza®* Espresso Point®*

50 Capsules


OCS and domestic use



Item code: 8062
Packaging type: coffee and soluble ginseng packed in 50 capsules packaging
EAN CODE: 8002350080628
PCS: 1
Typology: cardboard
Net Weight (Kg): 0.425
Gross Weight (Kg): 0.82
Dimensions (Cm): 26 x 20 h. 12
N° packaging units x n. layers: 18 x 14
N° tot packaging units: 252
Pallet weight (Kg): 12
Pallet dimension (Cm): 120 x 80

*Third party brand with no connection to Elio Romagnoli Romcaffè Srl