Espresso Mio Aroma Bar Capsules – Compostable

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17 October 2017
Espresso Mio Aroma Bar Decaffeinated Capsules – Compostable
29 May 2017

Espresso Mio Aroma Bar Capsules - Compostable

Item Code: 8040
Quality: Espresso Mio Aroma Bar Capsules - Compostable
Weight: 104 g (16 capsules, 6,5 g each)
Product state: ground espresso
Packaging Type: ground coffee in 16 capsules packaging
EAN CODE: 8002350080406
PCS. N: 8
Typology: carton
Net Weight (Kg): 0,832
Gross Weight (Kg): 1,300
Dimensions (Cm): 29 x 10 h. 20
N. packaging units x n. layers: 28 x 6
N. tot. packaging units: 168
Pallet weight (Kg): 12
Pallet dimension (Cm): 120 x 80

Organoleptic characteristics: chocolate aroma.

Traditional roasting with balanced aroma and excellent body. Good appearence with guaranteed final result.

Use: domestic use.

Traceability: lot number and expiry date on box and packaging.

Preservation: best before 24 months from production date.

Packaging: to dispose in the organic waste (industrial composting).

Carton: to deal as paper recycle.

Capsules are compatible with machines of Lavazza* System “A Modo Mio“ **

*This Trademark is not property of Elio Romagnoli Romcaffè srl or other connected companies.

**"A Modo Mio” System is property of Lavazza