Aroma Espresso

Deca blend
Deca Beans Blend
29 May 2017
Moka Classic
29 May 2017

Aroma Espresso

Single vacuum packet of ground Espresso

250 g Ground

Organoleptic characteristics

Hints of chocolate and mellow taste



Traditional Italian, to achieve a balanced aroma and an excellent presence



Domestic use



Item code: 2443
Packaging type: vacuum-packed
EAN CODE: 80 02350 24430 3
PCS. N.: 24
Typology: thermoshrinking packaging
Net Weight (Kg): 6
Gross Weight (Kg): 6,6
Dimensions (Cm): 33,5 x 21,5 h. 15
N. packaging units x n. layers: 8 x 4
N. tot. packaging units: 32
Pallet weight (Kg): 12
Pallet dimension (Cm): 120 x 80

Traceability: lot n. and expiry date on packaging

Preservation: best before 18 months from production date

Packaging: ALU+PET+PE to deal as indifferentiated waste

Outside wrapper: to deal as plastic recycle