Romcaffè at SIGEP 2019: some considerations.

Romcaffè – Sigep Rimini 2019
7 January 2019
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Romcaffè at SIGEP 2019: some considerations.

Romcaffè al Sigep 2019

The Brewing corner
The thing that more stuck with me was the audience reaction to the filter coffee degustation done in our “brewing corner”, much appreciated, also because it was equipped with an economically affordable kit: grinder, boiler, simple equipments for the filter extraction (V60 and Chemex are the two filter systems par excellence).
We had 6 demonstrations and involved about twenty people. Someone didn’t know these extraction systems , some other people have heard about that. All of them however appreciated the final result.

Showbooth and set-up
Really enjoyed the new showbooth. Warm style and elegant, with a “vintage” touch which gave the right taste of tradition, history and charm, giving to a couple of our clients the spark to renovate its own bar, speculating the conception of a “Romcaffè Store”.

Equipment did work well as usual: the green grinder dedicated to the organic kept an optimal extraction regularity despite was required to a rather intense usage in relation to the dimensions.
Equally well worked the filter grinder which ensured an excellent and steady extraction, without adding bitter overtones due to the many “purposes”.


    In my view, to use the New Organic Blend for filter coffee is a very good solution. The light roasting helps to mitigate the toasting flavor, giving back an excellent caramel and cocoa flavour with a slight sour note , good body and long aftertaste.
    The organic coffee has a good output as “espresso” and has been appreciated as a delicate coffee, sweet, slightly sour but not annoying and at the same time full-bodied.
    The Anniversary Blend has instead confirmed its propensity as bodied , chocolatey , intense and “strong” coffee therefore excellent counterbalance or alternative to the “Organic” coffee for a bar that wants to serve two different blends.

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