The Blending Process

The flavour which sets us apart

The aromatic profile that characterizes our blends is the result of an improvement that has gone through decades and generations. Starting from the personality of the different blends we regularly calibrate the individual qualities of coffee that compose them.

Our Recipe

The consistency of the in cup result is a priority to us, so the different qualities included in our blends are regularly recalibrated and selected.


Each of our blends is regularly tasted to ensure the absence of visual and gustatory errors, as well as the respect of the right characteristics in terms of flavor and aroma.

The Coffee Roasting

The Roasting Sessions

Some characteristics of the final product does depend on the delicate roasting process. It is essential to choose the right roasting degree depending on the specific characteristics of the coffee and the result you want to obtain. Too intense roasting profiles could cause some aromatic characteristics of certain Arabicas to be lost, as well as increase the bitterness of the blend.

The Preservation of the Product

The Coffee Decantation

Once the roasting process is over, the coffee is left to rest in special silos for the necessary time, isolated from the air that, otherwise, would favor the oxidation.

Our Packagings

Our Anniversary Blend special aluminum packaging, as well as all our packs in grains, is equipped with a special valve for the escape of CO2 released from coffee after roasting.

A Bio and Fair Chance

Bio means products coming from organic farming, in full respect of the environment and the productive ecosystem, subject to controls by the appropriate certified institutions. In this respect, there is also "traceability" of organic food, which is the ability to reconstruct and follow the cultivation, processing and use of an agri-food product through documented identifications. Fairtrade means fairer trading conditions and opportunities for developing producers, and let them invest in their businesses and their communities for a sustainable future. Investing in our planet means investing in the future.