Perfect Espresso: which one is the cup optimal temperature and how to achieve it?

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14 June 2019
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16 July 2019
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Perfect Espresso: which one is the cup optimal temperature and how to achieve it?

Espresso Perfetto: qual è la temperatura ottimale della tazzina da caffè

To get wrong the cup temperature with a client often marks you for a long time.
“Ahi, the cup is hot!”, or “Mmmmh the coffee is a bit cold…” Such an exclamation and the client vanishes for a while.

But which one is the optimal cup temperature?
Let’s start saying that the optimal temperature is around 40° C, so our purpose is to serve our espresso in a cups around 35-40°C.

How to achieve the cup optimal temperature? Some guidelines.
Not knowing in detail every espresso machine and not knowing which is used in your bar, I could give you some guidelines valid for many espresso machines on the market.
Generally the heath is given by the boiler heath dissipation, therefore looking at the machine from above, we know that the lateral bands, those close to the machine sides, are the coldest meanwhile the central part and that one in the end are the most hot: sometimes a cup can even reach 70° C.
Very important is the area closer to the operator which usually covers two/three cups rows. This zone should be maintained at the optimal temperature just to ensure a quick and easy grab, also without looking at!

How to optimize the cups spot ? My suggestion.
Identify the depth where the cups reach the right temperature, then form two lines and insert the rest of the cups behind. You can also pile the cups at two levels from the third row.
If you look at the cups horizontally, you can optimize depending from the time of day: in the morning you’ll handle a number of espresso and cappuccino cups appropriate to face the big request you sure have to manage. After lunch, when tendentially the cappuccino request drops drastically and on the contrary raises the espresso request, you could replace some cappuccino cups rows with espresso cups.
Put into practice these little foresights and you’ll be ready to deal with any kind of request… or almost!
Ah, speaking of cups, do you think the espresso coffee is better drunk in a porcelain or glass cup? 

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