Miscela Anniversario (Anniversary Blend): 90 years life of the Brand Romcaffè

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7 January 2020
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7 January 2020
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Miscela Anniversario (Anniversary Blend): 90 years life of the Brand Romcaffè

The brand Romcaffè turned 90 years of life (92 precisely!).
Almost one century ago – since 1925 – lived with a deep enthusiasm and intense passion, following its only goal: paint the world with the aroma and taste of the Perfect Espresso.

The “Miscela Anniversario Romcaffè“ is created specifically to celebrate these first 90 Years of activity and enjoy it, every day, together with all those who love to be lulled by the warm aroma of a good coffee.
Together with whom, like us, love to real italian Espresso.

“The coffee as art must be prepared , as art must be drunk“.

We wanted to create a blend composed of the most exquisite coffees of Central America.
A blend with a sweet and aromatic flavour, for a delicate coffee, with pleasant scents of fruit and chocolate. A coffee which testifies all our love for roasting, a love surely fastened to our roots which also pushes us to narrate this sentiment all over the world.

Organoleptic Sheet
Aroma: chocolatey. It reminds the vanilla and caramel cocoa, with nuances of toasted bread.
Acidity: perceptible and pleasant with sweets notes and scent of ripe fruit.
Body: round and balanced, with a fine weaving of the cream and a hazel nut colour “Monk’s frock“.

In order to highlight the peculiar characteristics of the refined used coffees , the roasting level is slightly softer than other blends of the “Romcaffè Bar Line“.

The blend is kept by a shell of pressurized tin , vacuum-packed with a protective atmosphere.
The packaging procedure secures the natural maturation of the coffee in its own oils and volatile flavours , bettering the taste.
The modified and pressurized atmosphere of the packaging protects the taste and the fragrance of the coffee in the time, maintaining this way unaltered the characteristics as just roasted.

The Perfect blend is a matter of balance!

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