Romy Pod Deca

Romy Pod Bar
9 January 2018
Orzy Pod Bar
29 May 2017

Romy Pod Deca

Box of 18 decaffeinated coffee compostable pods

18 Pods

Organoleptic Characteristics

Mellow taste



lighter roasting suitable for decaffeinated coffee. Caffeine not more than 0,10%



OCS and Domestic use



Item code: 9046
Packaging type: decaffeinated ground coffee, 18 pods packaging
EAN CODE: 8002350090467
PCS. N.: 6
Typology: carton
Net Weight (Kg): 0,756
Gross Weight (Kg): 1,48
Dimensions (Cm): 32 x 21 h. 20
N. packaging unitsx n. layers: 12 x 10
N. tot. packaging units: 120
Pallet weight (Kg): 12
Pallet dimension (Cm): 120 x 80

Traceability: lot n. and expiry date on carton and packaging

Preservation: best before 23 months from production date

Packaging: ALU+PET+PE to deal as indifferentiated waste

Carton: to deal as paper recycle