Double Packaging Classico Moka

Moka Classic
29 May 2017
Double Packaging Aroma Espresso ground coffee
Double Packaging Aroma Espresso
29 May 2017

Double Packaging Classico Moka

Double pack of ground moka, 250 g each

2x250 g Ground

Organoleptic characteristics

Intense taste



Traditional Italian, to achieve the proper aroma and body



Domestic use



Item code: 2440
Packaging type: bag with aroma preserving valve
EAN CODE: 80 02350 24400 6
PCS. N.: 20
Typology: carton
Net Weight (Kg): 10
Gross Weight (Kg): 10,8
Dimensions (Cm): 43,5 x 30 h. 27
N. packaging unitsx n. layers: 6 x 6
N. tot. packaging units: 36
Pallet weight (Kg): 12
Pallet dimension (Cm): 120 x 80

Traceability: lot n. and expiry date on packaging, confection date on carton

Preservation: best before 23 months from production date

Packaging: ALU+PET+PE to deal as indifferentiated waste

Carton: to deal as paper recycle