Espresso coffee: is it better drunk in ceramic or glass cup?

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7 January 2020
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7 January 2020
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Espresso coffee: is it better drunk in ceramic or glass cup?

The Espresso coffee means for millions Italians “break“. Every day it recharges and regenerates us, gives us a new sprint. It scans the rhythm of our days.
The coffee is also a “social”, “aggregative” beverage. How many times we said or have heard to say sentences like “Let’s see and have a coffee!” or “Can I buy you a coffee?”. In short, the coffee
is intrinsically linked to our lives. It is actually a life mate.

But is it better drunk in the classic ceramic cup or in the glass cup?

Probably a final answer to this question doesn’t exist and will never exist.
We can only merely note that in this regard exist two philosophies of thought: two philosophies that, we could assert delineate two distinct typologies of “modus vivendi“, of personalities: “calm and traditionalist“ and “adventurous and exploratory“.

The former, quite and traditionalist, are genuine “purists” of the coffee. They consider the ceramic cup a timeless symbol of the classic Italian espresso, the one you sip at the coffee shop and represent a real tradition, a staple in a reality in the continuous becoming, a symbol of the “Bel Paese” recognized all over the world. Impossible to convince them of the validity of a gesture so little conventional like that one to drink the coffee from the glass!

The latter, instead, adventurous and exploratory, to taste the coffee in a glass cup means to be lulled by an innocent transgression, by a nonconformist gesture able to make the experience much more exciting. It means pushing the boundaries. Certainly more curious and inclined to the rebellion! The different tastes with regard to coffee assume a cultural significance, almost anthropologic.

Let’s try to get into the issue enumerating the reasons of one and of the other side.

Coffee in ceramic cup

  • It’s a tradition
  • The ceramic holds better the heat, so the coffee gets cold slowly.
  • Can be sipped quietly and the aroma can more easily be appreciated.

Coffee in glass

  • It is more elegant to see and esthetically more refined.
  • The narrow and elongated form of the glass promotes the compactness of the cream highlighting the organoleptic characteristics of the coffee.
  • It can be “tasted with the eyes”. The transparency of the glass allows to appreciate the composition of the coffee and its hazel nuances, giving back an emotional impact more captivating.

In any case, ceramic or glass certainly the success of a good espresso is not able to leave out of consideration the high quality of the coffee and a careful as much competent preparation.
So, better the coffee in ceramic cup or in a glass?
To the posterity the tough sentence.

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