Espresso coffee: how to maintain clean your workstation

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1 January 2019
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Espresso coffee: how to maintain clean your workstation

Barista: pulizia del bancone

In the coffee bar world, cleanliness is the most important ingredient. I’ll never get tired to repeat! I spoke about workstation cleanliness also concerning the 6 basics phases to prepare the “Perfect Espresso”.

You have not to consider “much attention” to workstation an excess of zeal , but rather a necessity to avoid possible contaminations risks which might have negative results both for client health and espresso quality.

The use of cleaning rags in the Workstation neatness
The choice of the cleaning rags for the Workstation could seem a trivial issue but it is not! You have to pay attention since its purchase:
– choose cleaning rags of different colours depending on the use you make;
– choose micro fiber cleaning rags not sponge ones (sponge rags risk to lose bits due to the intense use and being in contact with metallic parts);
– choose obviously washable and reusable cleaning rags.

How many different cleaning rags do you need ?
1) Dedicate a cleaning rag to the grill where you lean the cups under the brewing unit. You’ll avoid that way to serve your clients a cup with a dirty bottom, devastating thing for your bar imagine!

2) Another one has to be dedicated to the grimy surfaces around and on the machine, those famous “all-rounder” cleaning rags which maintain a tidy workstation but you never find when you look for them.

3) Essential is that one dedicated to the steam wand to use after the milk emulsion in order to remove milk remains on the wand. In this case you can choose a “disposable” nonwoven fabric (NWF) type, rather costly but surely hygienic. In that circumstance both micro fiber and NWF cleaning rags have to be substituted every 20-30 minutes, meanwhile those reusable have to be washed and immersed in a sterilising solution to reduce the milk bacterial load.

4) So far we talked about cleaning rags basically wet. However we have not to forget the fourth micro fiber cleaning rag, that one we need to clean and dry the filter once removed the extracted coffee which has to remain dry, possibly dark-colored and replaced at least once a day (depending on the use).

Now you know what to purchase give free rein to your fantasy about colours!

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