Coffee and Personality: tell me which coffee you drink and I’ll tell you who you are

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30 June 2017
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Coffee and Personality: tell me which coffee you drink and I’ll tell you who you are

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Spring has just begun and as every year, which its colours and scents gives new light, levity and freshness. It’s just on the wake of these first breezes in March that we allow ourselves a little space for a consideration, certainly serious, but with a more feeble and light character inspired to the work of PhD Ramani Durvasula, an American researcher and Clinical Psychology Professor at California State University as well as author of the book “You are why you eat“, a study on the relationship between culinary habits and personality manners.

Coffee is surely one of the most used beverages in Italy and in the World. It is also one of the beverages we most often use to drink in public, on the street, at the coffee shop, at the restaurant.

You can have the coffee in a lot of variations: espresso, long, short, hot, cold, with or without sugar, with or without milk. Moreover every Country has its peculiar consumption traditions and habits from which draw inspiration. It is just the choice how to drink coffee shows essential aspects of our temperament.

So according to PhD Durvasula the choice of what we eat and drink and in particular which kind of coffee we drink indicates our personality and our approach to life.

Analysing the behavior and habits of more than 1000 volunteers, the American academic has underlined as also the selection of the kind of coffee reveals common psychological features such as introversion, extroversion, crotchetiness, patience, sensitivity, perfectionism, generosity, watchfulness, spontaneity, creativity, courage.

Let’s see some examples.

The person which chooses cappuccino has a very highlighted sensitivity and tends to wish the control on every situation, therefore little ready to face emergencies and sudden changes.

Black coffee
The persons which love black coffee have traditionalist profiles and are very patient but also much lunatic and little disposed to adapt themselves to changes.

American coffee
The one who chooses American or instant coffee shows to be a calm and relaxed person, stolid, with tendency to postpone important decisions.

Cold or “shaken” coffee
These are instead very much creative persons , spontaneous, with a strong spirit of adventure, able to anticipate tendencies. So much bold to falter in incautious situations.

“Macchiato coffee” 
The choice of “macchiato coffee” shows altruism, tact and “round” personality, accommodating.

And you? Which is your favorite coffee? Does it reflect your character?

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