26 September 2020
tazzina di caffè bianca con chicchi di caffè tostato

History of Coffee and Legends: from the Middle Ages to Espresso Coffee

The beginning of the history of coffee has uncertain origins. It dates back to the Middle Ages and can probably be placed between the 10th and 15th centuries. The first valid proof of the existence […]
24 July 2020
caffè sovraestratto o caffè sottoestratto

Over-extracted or under-extracted coffee: Causes and Useful Advice

The Perfect Espresso, we know, is an art. And every bartender in the world has its own little secrets.But the risk of tripping over or under-extracted coffee is always just around the corner. So what […]
22 June 2020
moka caffè

The 8 Steps for Making Coffee with Moka correctly

Espresso. Sure, espresso is great, but once my grandmother used ”to make Moka”. I wonder if I remember how to make coffee with moka?! When we’re at home we can’t always extract an espresso. So […]
22 June 2020
romcaffè: come fare il caffè con la cuccuma o caffettiera napoletana

Making Coffee with the Cuccuma at Home: 13 Steps + 1 Final Advice

“La Cuccuma”. Just mentioning it you can feel yourself already in Naples (even if it was invented in France in the early 1800s)… But is it possible to make coffee with Cuccuma at home too? […]
22 June 2020
come si beve il caffè nel mondo

How do you drink Coffee in the World? Some ideas for your bar

Coffee, as we know, is the most widely consumed beverage in the World. And everyone prefers it in their own way: Short Long Hot “macchiato” Warm “macchiato” With little foam Normal but with “foam” In […]
6 March 2020

Milk and its emulsion: what you need to know to do it properly

The subject matter milk and its emulsion is complex and broad. It can be tackled from a chemical, physical, sensory, more or less scientific and in-depth point of view. I want to treat it by […]
6 March 2020
preparare un cappuccino perfetto

How to prepare a Perfect Cappuccino – Milk Emulsion

“Uuuuhhh what a beautiful cream!” This is one of the best compliments a bartender can get from a customer. The technique to emulsify milk is fundamental to create an excellent cappuccino, for this reason let’s […]