Cup to the way down or cup to the way up?

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Cup to the way down or cup to the way up?

The second question that raises to a barman is “where shall I place the grinder?” and “how shall I place the cups, to the way down or up?”.
Let’s start from the first answer.

If the cups come in contact with the metal, so if there is no plastic net/grating to split the cups from the metal plate of the cupwarmer, then the cups have to be necessarily put with the opening up. In the specific case the cups will get warm by contact, therefore, if put “downwards”, the edge of the cup could get warm excessively, with consequent risk to burn the clients lips.
You could eventually ask to be provided with a plastic grill, when not present, operating as isolating between the cupwarmer plate and the cups. In this case the warming could only happen by hot air.

Pros and cons of the different positions

Cup upwards:

  • Pros
    More elegant image.
    Not homogeneous warming of the cup, that means the inferior part warmer than the upper (this is part both of strengths and weaknesses depending on the philosophy).
  • Cons
    If piled, you see a big difference of temperature among the overlapped cups.
    Requirement of greater attention, in the peak times, due to the risk to touch the edge of the cup instead of the handle, as well as, cups are more unstable (depending on the cup shape).
    Possibility to find dust or dirt inside the cup.

Cup downwards:

  • Pros
    Homogenous warming of the cup.
    Less difference among the cups (if piled).
    Greater convenience to take the cup in the time of largest crowd in the clientele.
  • Cons
    Less elegant image.

Obviously it’s up to the need of every bartender or coffee shop owner to choose the most appropriate position, depending on everyone requirements.
My suggestion is to pile not more than two cups each time, at least for the first 2-3 cups rows.

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