16 July 2019

The Perfect Espresso – Chapter 3: The Degustation [VIDEO]

Discover how to taste correctly the espresso: our trainer Dario Ciarlantini guides us along the way of the degustation, discovering all the characteristics of the Perfect Espresso. Please read also our Dario’s article to analyze […]
16 July 2019
caffè macinato e chicchi di caffè

8 alternative and eco-friendly ways to use and recycle the coffee

In Italy and in the World, coffee is surely central in million of people life. Coffee occupies a place of honor in our daily life, both in the morning before beginning the day and after […]
16 July 2019
Assaggio professionale dell'espresso

The Perfect Espresso: how to taste coffee in a professional way

Goes around and around, the most important in the espresso is the degustation. The degustation moment contains those instants, that sensations flowing that decides the choice of the choices: purchase it again or not, taste […]
16 July 2019

The Perfect Espresso: what is the coffee “tiger-like skin” and how to consider it?

“Tiger-like skin ? …….does it bite?” Beh, no! “Ah, I see, it is vintage, after the “leopard-skin” 70/80ies now yhai si the new trend! Right?” “Uhmmmmm…” Semi-serious conversation between me and who has ever heard […]
16 July 2019
Romcaffè Nuova Miscela EspressoBio


We are proud to present you our New Blend ROMCAFFÈ ESPRESSO BIO, Organic and Fair Trade, in respect of Ecology and human Solidarity. Organic product Organic means produced without polluting, in the full accordance with […]
14 June 2019

The perfect Espresso – Chapter 4 : Workstation setup (VIDEO)

How to organize at its best the work environment? We’ll understand which are the basic elements to keep around the coffee machine in order to work in a clean and efficient way. Enjoy the video!
14 June 2019
Romcaffè al Sigep 2019

Romcaffè at SIGEP 2019: some considerations.

The Brewing corner The thing that more stuck with me was the audience reaction to the filter coffee degustation done in our “brewing corner”, much appreciated, also because it was equipped with an economically affordable kit: […]