6 March 2020
preparare un cappuccino perfetto

How to prepare a Perfect Cappuccino – Milk Emulsion

“Uuuuhhh what a beautiful cream!” This is one of the best compliments a bartender can get from a customer. The technique to emulsify milk is fundamental to create an excellent cappuccino, for this reason let’s […]
6 March 2020

How to become a Professional Barista

First of all we need to understand who the professional bartender is and why he differs from the common “button presser.” The “button presser” He’s the one who was told “do as I do, put […]
6 March 2020
gestione bar

How to organize a bar: Risks and Hidden Costs

Organizing a bar is not a joke! I remember an episode many years ago when a wealthy man of my age said to me “me and my father took over a bar, we had a […]
6 March 2020
gestire un bar. come aumentare gli incassi

How to Manage a Coffeeshop: increase revenue by organizing the day

Answering the question “how to run a coffee bar” would certainly require an analysis and a much more in-depth discussion than we can do in this article. I will try anyway to synthesize and give […]
6 March 2020

How to Taste Coffee and Recognize Espresso Flaws

Considering the number of coffees (espresso) we all potentially drink every day, we can learn a few little tricks to figure out how to taste coffee and recognize espresso flaws, by becoming real expert tasters. […]
6 March 2020

Romcaffè blend: “Bar”, “Romcaffè”, “Anniversary” or “EspressoBio”. Which one to choose?

If you are a Bartender or a Local Owner and you are a Romcaffè customer, select the Blend Romcaffè more suitable for you; is a much more important and delicate matter than it may seem. […]
7 January 2020

The Workflow: the work procedure to the preparation of the Perfect Espresso

To achieve an excellent espresso is a form of art. And as every form of art has its rules and its techniques to be respected with precision and extreme care of the details. The preparation […]