17 December 2019

The Perfect Espresso – Chapter 2: Grinding (VIDEO)

Grinding is one of the crucial passage to obtain The Perfect Espresso and be able to taste aromas, colours, and intense flavours. In this tutorial video, Dario Ciarlantini explains how to do a correct grinding […]
16 September 2019

Romcaffè at Host Milano 2019

We remind You our partecipation at HOST FAIR – MILAN – 18/22 OCTOBER 2019 – Pavilion 22 – Showbooth S 26 / T 25. We invite You to visit us so that we’ll be able […]
16 July 2019

#RomcaffèQuiz: Arabica and Robusta, the coffee species most cultivated in the World.

New Appointment with the #RomcaffèQuiz on our Facebook page. This time the question has been: “Which are the two coffee species most cultivated in the world?” Here it is the screenshot of the post Facebook: […]
16 July 2019

The Perfect Espresso: better fine or coarse grinding?

Obtaining the Perfect Espresso requires a skillful execution of the different steps. Performing the correct grinding of the beans is certainly one of the fundamental actions to extract the right aromas and colours. Dilemma Pressing […]
16 July 2019

The Perfect Espresso: which one is the right dose do load the filter?

“Sir, I’ll take care of you, I’ll it special!” and so putting half, sometime one entire, teaspoon more of coffee in the filter in order to extract the espresso “for the Sir”. Sometime, in some […]
16 July 2019

The Perfect Espresso – Chapter 3: The Degustation [VIDEO]

Discover how to taste correctly the espresso: our trainer Dario Ciarlantini guides us along the way of the degustation, discovering all the characteristics of the Perfect Espresso. Please read also our Dario’s article to analyze […]
16 July 2019
caffè macinato e chicchi di caffè

8 alternative and eco-friendly ways to use and recycle the coffee

In Italy and in the World, coffee is surely central in million of people life. Coffee occupies a place of honor in our daily life, both in the morning before beginning the day and after […]