20 December 2019

“Romcaffè Collection”: Macerata hills of the artist Stefano Calisti which have conquered the HOST–Milano fair 2017

These last days we described our participation to the International Fair HOST Milano 2017, absolute leader of the sector Ho.Re.Ca., Foodserice, Retail, GDO and Hotel Catering. The exhibition of the Hospitality and of the professional […]
20 December 2019

Barista, Barman, Bartender and Flair Bartender: what are the differences?

The Barista is the specialist of coffee shops products, he works predominantly in bars and restaurants during the day. The perfect breakfast is his mission! The Barman is a night being, skilled in alcoholic and […]
20 December 2019

Coffee Break with Dario Ciarlantini, nickname Dario Mr. Purge

Coffee is the most drunk beverage after water. Drinking coffee is regulating everyday life of millions of people. To drink a good coffee improves our day, cuddles us, regenerates us. For some people the art […]
18 December 2019

The tamper of the coffee: the tamper, how to use it and why.

The tamper: often a mysterious tool located close to the grinder. Mysterious because you can find many types and very different among each other, consequently we need to understand the purpose of this tool (not […]
18 December 2019

#Romcaffè Quiz: espresso cream light and quick percolation. Which could be the reasons? Let’s answer.

Some day ago, on the social channels Romcaffè, we liked to play a little bit with our community launching the #RomcaffèQuiz. The question was: “The cream of the espresso is too light and the coffee […]
18 December 2019
Acqua preparazione espresso perfetto

Which kind of water to choose for the preparation of the Perfect Espresso?

“Let’s drink a coffee?”. Typical daily phrase of millions of Italians. We drink coffee and have a chat with an old friend, we share the work break with a colleague or maybe we allow ourselves […]
18 December 2019
macinatura caffè

The Perfect Espresso: how to do the correct grinding of the coffee

The grinding is surely one of the crucial passages in order to make the perfect espresso. A correct grinding of the beans will permit to have the right percolation of the coffee which will give […]