Take part in our training courses at our headquarter. You will have the chance to structure the session according to your needs and requirements, all subject the careful supervision of our certified SCA trainer. Boost your business with the Specialty Coffee Association’s Brewing and Barista Skills courses, as well as ad-hoc training on product strategies and management. Contact us for more information.

Barista Training


Quality in cup

Learn to perceive how different blend components affect flavour, learn more about the concept of the “recipe” and the other variables that lead to the result in cup. Give a boost to quality!

Roasting company tour

Visit our roasting company and discover the process of processing coffee from raw bean to cup.

Coffee machine mainteinance

Discover simple tricks and best practices to preserve your equipment and the quality of the result you offer to your customers.

Latte art

Learn the technique to decorate your cappuccinos and froth the milk correctly, to achieve perfection in both appearance and taste.

SCA Courses


SCA Brewing

Sharpen your knowledge of all variables that impact the perfect brewing.

SCA Barista Skills

Hone your skills on coffee and equipment, as well as espresso brewing and the best procedures to follow... Your modus operandi will benefit!