Dario Ciarlantini

4 February 2022

How to properly use Web and Digital for your Bar

Remember when newspapers were paper? Ah, are they still around? In the digital age, many venues are using pads to make newspapers available to customers in digital form. Certainly paper still has its appeal, with […]
4 February 2022

The Bar 4.0 in the Digital Revolution Era

Transition 4.0, industrial automation, wireless networks, bluetooth, social and various sensors. What do these technological words have to do with traditional Espresso Coffee? It may not seem like much to do with Espresso Coffee, but […]
30 December 2021

Serving Coffee at the Bar According to the Rules of Etiquette

Where do I put the spoon? It might seem like a simple, almost banal question, but it is one of the nightmares of every bartender. In fact, there is a precise Bar Etiquette that Professional […]
23 November 2021

Latte Art and Milk Emulsion

“Look at the pretty picture on the cappuccino!”. In reality, what may seem to be a simple “drawing” is an art that is the result of technique, attempts and perseverance: it is called “Latte Art”. […]
5 November 2021

Soy Milk, Vegetable Milk or Vegetable Drink? Let’s clarify

The expression “Vegetable Milk” could be considered an oxymoron, since “milk” is exclusively “the product of normal mammary secretion, obtained from one or more milkings, without any addition or subtraction” (source: EU Regulation). The term […]
7 September 2021

How to Choose the Best Milk for Your Bar

It is estimated that 80% of the world’s Espresso is used as the base ingredient for milk drinks. This is an impressive number. Even we Italians, despite being “espresso centric” , consume a lot of […]
24 June 2021

Drinking Espresso Coffee: how important is the Shape and Colour of the Cup?

Have a cup of coffee! It’s easy to say “cup”, but which cup? Do they all fit? Are they all the same? Maybe they are, maybe they are not. Let’s see it together. Coffee cups: […]