Dario Ciarlantini

14 June 2019
Romcaffè al Sigep 2019

Romcaffè at SIGEP 2019: some considerations.

The Brewing corner The thing that more stuck with me was the audience reaction to the filter coffee degustation done in our “brewing corner”, much appreciated, also because it was equipped with an economically affordable kit: […]
14 June 2019
Espresso Perfetto: qual è la temperatura ottimale della tazzina da caffè

Perfect Espresso: which one is the cup optimal temperature and how to achieve it?

To get wrong the cup temperature with a client often marks you for a long time. “Ahi, the cup is hot!”, or “Mmmmh the coffee is a bit cold…” Such an exclamation and the client […]
14 June 2019
Barista: pulizia del bancone

Espresso coffee: how to maintain clean your workstation

In the coffee bar world, cleanliness is the most important ingredient. I’ll never get tired to repeat! I spoke about workstation cleanliness also concerning the 6 basics phases to prepare the “Perfect Espresso”. You have […]