16 July 2021

New Romcaffè Collection: the Arena Sferisterio Theatre celebrates its centenary

The Arena Sferisterio Theatre celebrates its centenary this year: 100 years since the staging of the first opera. New Romcaffè Collection: “La Traviata degli Specchi” Romcaffè pays homage to the Sferisterio Arena, to the City […]
6 March 2020
gestione bar

How to organize a bar: Risks and Hidden Costs

Organizing a bar is not a joke! I remember an episode many years ago when a wealthy man of my age said to me “me and my father took over a bar, we had a […]
6 March 2020

How to Taste Coffee and Recognize Espresso Flaws

Considering the number of coffees (espresso) we all potentially drink every day, we can learn a few little tricks to figure out how to taste coffee and recognize espresso flaws, by becoming real expert tasters. […]
6 March 2020

Romcaffè blend: “Bar”, “Romcaffè”, “Anniversary” or “EspressoBio”. Which one to choose?

If you are a Bartender or a Local Owner and you are a Romcaffè customer, select the Blend Romcaffè more suitable for you; is a much more important and delicate matter than it may seem. […]
7 January 2020

Romcaffè Art Collection – Coming soon (VIDEO)

7 January 2020

Coffee: better the blend or the mono-origin?

Raise your hand who has never questioned: is it better a blend or a single origin? First, let’s define the topic of the discussion. Single origin (or mono-origin) When we talk about of a single […]
7 January 2020

Espresso coffee: is it better drunk in ceramic or glass cup?

The Espresso coffee means for millions Italians “break“. Every day it recharges and regenerates us, gives us a new sprint. It scans the rhythm of our days. The coffee is also a “social”, “aggregative” beverage. […]